Dr. Pattersons Family Eyecare

Many pre-existing medical conditions and medications can cause damage to our eyesight. Dr. Patterson not only monitors the condition of your vision, but also of the health of the eye, and coordinates care with your Primary Care Physician or Specialists. Optometrists are trained to identify elevated blood pressures and elevated blood sugars during a routine comprehensive exam.  Many times these medical conditions are first diagnosed at a visit to an Optometrist, and then patient's are referred back to their doctor.
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Your Child's Vision
Two of the most common conditions that can affect your child's vision are Amblyopia and Strabismus-both of which have excellent outcomes when treated early.
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Needing glasses can be a very emotional and stressful time for school-age children. 

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LASIK Eye Surgery
Dr. Jeffrey Patterson OD is a collaborating physician
 with Lasik Clinics in Ohio and Pittsburgh.
 Our office performs all pre-surgical and post-surgical appointments.
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